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Five Places to Find Bigfoot in the Winter

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Finding Bigfoot in Winter - Sasquatch tracks in snow - PNW Life Header Image

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is an oversized ape-like creature that has been purportedly spotted in wooded areas of the Pacific Northwest for decades. Thanks to mysterious sightings, many of which occurred in the 1970s, Bigfoot is one of the most famous creatures in the world, and there are countless books, television shows, and movies about the legendary beast.

While there are no concrete pieces of evidence that prove the existence of Bigfoot, there are still plenty of people who believe in the creature. The internet can introduce you to the many videos and photos taken of Bigfoot sightings, but only a trip into the woods of the Pacific Northwest can offer you a chance to have an encounter of your own.

The Big Ape of Applegate Lake, OR

Sightings of Bigfoot tracks often happen in the winter months because snow allows for the impressions of the track to remain distinctly noticeable. Reports suggest that Bigfoot is active all year round. Some argue that these creatures travel to warmer areas in winter, but the existence of sightings in snowy regions would suggest otherwise. The Applegate Lake area of Oregon is famous for the sightings that occurred there in the 1970s and for the giant Bigfoot trap that stands there to this day. You can find it along the Collings Mountain trail. Look at the weather report before you go. Though the area is not high elevation, it does get colder temperatures and some snow during the winter.

Want to explore nearby? Visit Ashland, Oregon, which is about half an hour's drive in fine weather. There's an ice rink to enjoy as well as Mt Ashland Ski Area. Or you can join an outing with the Southern Oregon Nordic Club. Plus, there are cozy hotels in town where you can relax and heat up those toes.

Bigfoot in Boring, OR

I promise you won't get bored in Boring, Oregon. In fact, you will find the North American Bigfoot Center there. You can watch film footage, study photographs and prints, and read about the various encounters that have happened all over the region. It is said that Bigfoot has been sighted in the area for years. The museum is open Thursdays through Mondays from 10am until 5pm, and admission is $8 for adults and $6 for seniors, children, and military. Plus, you can stop in the gift shop and snag some Bigfoot swag.

What to do what you're done your visit? Boring is right on the edge of the Portland suburbs. It's almost halfway between the city center and Mt Hood, where you'll find great skiing and the historic Timberline Lodge (filming location for The Shining). Enjoy a trip out to the lodge and mountain, or enjoy a meal or drink in Boring, or head into the big city to fill your night with the many wonders of Portland.

The Wonderous Walker of Walla Walla, WA

It was in the Blue Mountains outside of Walla Walla that a forest service worker made the first casts of Bigfoot prints that seemed to be real. The town has a long history of Bigfoot sightings and embraces its association with the mysterious figure, even hosting a festival in the summertime. The Blue Mountains, which stretch from northeastern Oregon into southeastern Washington are not only a hot spot to go looking for Bigfoot but they are also beautiful in their own right, a great place to explore and enjoy the natural beauty, especially against some fresh snow.

What if I want a break from looking for Bigfoot? Enjoy some of the region's local wines (there are more than 120 local wineries) and local foods, and then head out for some sledding in Pioneer Park, a 44-acre nature haven in the middle of the city. Or hit the slopes at Ski Bluewood.

Bigfoot in Bellingham, WA

Bellingham is the furthest north of the locations on this list, but it is an easy day trip from Seattle. In the 1970s, more than a hundred Sasquatch sightings came out of the Lummi Indian Reservation just outside of Bellingham. And, since then, Whatcom County, where the city is located, has declared itself a Sasquatch Protection and Refuge Area. The Bellingham-based Bigfoot Adventures offers Sasquatch-specific tours that take you to many sites of previous sightings. Plus, the company operates numerous cameras that have captured the creature on tape.

What about Bellingham itself? Bellingham is a beautiful place to adventure, shop, and enjoy great food. Spend a day at idyllic Fairhaven for some small-town coziness. Or head out to Mt Baker for a whole array of winter fun, including skiing, sledding, and banked slalom races!

Sasquatch on Screen

If you hate the cold, winter might be a good time to curl up inside and enjoy some good Bigfoot movies and shows. You could laugh your way through the jolly and bizarre Harry and the Hendersons (1987), in which a family tries to adopt a friendly Sasquatch. You could scare yourself silly with the homemade-movie style Willow Creek from 2013 (in fact, there's a long list of B-horror flicks that you can enjoy). Or you could find out about the darkness lurking behind some legends of Bigfoot in the 2021 series Sasquatch, available on Hulu.


Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to share your love of Bigfoot by staying warm in a stylish Bigfoot sweatshirt or getting festive with your long-sleeve holiday-themed Bigfoot shirt or slapping a Bigfoot sticker on your gear. Find all things Bigfoot and more at PNW Journey.

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