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PNW Wars 2021 Edition

Pullover Hoodie

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It seems that that Bigfoot is not a fan of Storm Troopers invading our forests. They tend to loose their heads when they come to the PNW! In honor of Star Wars Day, we wanted to bring you a special edition sweatshirt.

This design is a PNW take on the original 1977 vintage style shirt of the same look.

    • Medium weight sweatshirt

      Feels great when the chill sets in, but not too hot

    • Modern, relaxed fit

      Makes this sweatshirt versatile and great for daily wear

    Bigfoot Sweatshirt - PNW Wars 2021 - Pullover Hoodie - Front - Black
    • Extremely soft

      Made from a plush cotton and polyester blend fabric

    • White drawstrings

      For a stylish contrast against colorful and black sweatshirts