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Bigfoot Wisdom

Pullover Hoodie

Earth Tones
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Be inspired by a PNW legend with this Bigfoot Wisdom pullover hoodie. Featuring a Squatch made from word art, this hoodie offers sage advice to all who will listen, including "Live a legendary life," "Walk tall," and "Make your own tracks."

This medium-weight sweatshirt is made from cotton and polyester fleece for softness and warmth, while the design uses earth colors to represent earth to sky, bringing a real nature feel to the design.

  • Medium weight sweatshirt

    Feels great when the chill sets in, but not too hot

  • Modern, relaxed fit

    Makes this sweatshirt versatile and great for daily wear

Bigfoot Wisdom Pullover Hoodie
  • Extremely soft

    Made from a plush cotton and polyester blend fabric

  • White drawstrings

    For a stylish contrast against colorful and black sweatshirts