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How to Apply a Vehicle Decal

Applying Your New Vehicle Decal

Since we recently introduced decals to our store, we figured it would be a good idea to show you how to put it on your vehicle! 

We've broken it down into the following six simple steps. 

Step 01: Clean the Surface

Start by cleaning the surface where the decal will be applied. You can use glass cleaner or plain soap and water. 

Apply Vehicle Decal Image - Clean Surface - PNW Journey

Dry the surface thoroughly with a cloth or paper towel that does not leave anything behind. Shop towels work good, as to microfiber cloths.

Regular paper towels tend to leave small white fuzz balls on the glass. If you apply the decal on top of any debris, there will be bumps under it where the debris is stuck. 

Step 02: Peel the blue backing off

Begin at the corner and carefully start peeling the blue backing away from the transfer paper. Only peel the corner away at first.

Apply Vehicle Decal Image - Peel Off Backing - PNW Journey

Once you have the corner peeled away, lay the decal on a flat surface and roll the rest of the blue backing off by pulling straight back from one side to the other.

Apply Vehicle Decal Image - Peel Backing 02 - PNW Journey

Do not pull the backing up and away from the transfer paper. 

Apply Vehicle Decal Image - Decal Without Backing - PNW Journey

Step 03: Attach a corner to the surface

Line your decal up where it is to be placed on the vehicle. Attach just the corner at first to ensure you have it in the right spot. 

Apply Vehicle Decal Image 04 - Rub From Side to Side - PNW Journey

Step 04: Slowly and smoothly rub the decal on

Once you feel comfortable with the placement, rub the short end of the decal onto the surface. Then begin slowly rubbing the decal onto the surface from one side to the other. Much in the same way that you removed the blue backing. 

One you have the entire decal applied, use your fingers to firmly press the decal onto the surface and attempt to push out any air bubbles. 

Apply Vehicle Decal Image - Press With Fingers - PNW Journey

Step 05: Use a card to remove any air bubbles

Use a credit card, licence, or something similar to scrape any remaining air bubble toward the edge and out of the paper. Do this until you feel that as much of the decal is bonded with the surface as possible. 

Apply Vehicle Decal Image - Press With Card - PNW Journey

Step 06: Slowly peel the transfer paper off

Pick a corner and begin peeling the transfer paper off of the surface.

Apply Vehicle Decal Image - Peel From Corner - PNW Journey

Similar to removing the blue backing, keep the transfer paper low, and and pull it off from one side to the other. 

Apply Vehicle Decal Image - Remove Transfer Paper - PNW Journey

If you've done all of these steps correctly, you will have an awesome new decal on your vehicle!

Apply Vehicle Decal Image - Finished - PNW Journey

If you have any questions about this process, you can use our contact form, email us or call us and we will do our best to assist you. 

You can also watch the video below for to see the process done. 

Watch the Video On Applying an Auto Decal

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