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Pollock Style Bigfoot

Pullover Hoodie

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Keep hope alive and let others know that you do believe when you wear this Pollock Style Bigfoot pullover hoodie. For the discerning Squatch chaser, this fun, artsy sweatshirt features an abstract rendering of the obscure creature in a hodgepodge of colors in the traditional Pollock style.

    • Medium weight sweatshirt

      Feels great when the chill sets in, but not too hot

    • Modern, relaxed fit

      Makes this sweatshirt versatile and great for daily wear

    Bigfoot Sweatshirt - Pollock Design - Pullover Hoodie - Front - Black
    • Extremely soft

      Made from a plush cotton and polyester blend fabric

    • White drawstrings

      For a stylish contrast against colorful and black sweatshirts