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PNW & Bigfoot

Premium Glass Bottle 3-Pack (16oz)

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We love the environment, you love the environment, let's keep it clean by using these awesome PNW themed glass bottles! Sporting trees that wrap around the bottle, our logo on the front, and our pal Bigfoot on the back.

These bottles are great for cold or hot liquids, making them perfect for holding water, juice, cooking liquids, or just about any other liquid you want to use them for.

Our bottles are food safe and free of lead, cadmium, BPS and phthalates. Made from high quality borosilicate glass, they are also resistant to temperature change. Great for Self Bottling Filtered Water, Juices, Teas, and More

Includes 6 neoprene carrying sleeves


  • Lab grade glass

    Highly resistant to temperature changes

  • Holds 16oz

    Ya, that's the perfect amount

PNW Journey Glass Bottles - Three Pack
  • Includes two sleeves for each bottle

    So you have options, and you can share with your friends. You know they want a bottle sleeve!